About ORDU


The Ordu and the environment is one of the oldest settlements in the history of literature in human history since the 15th century BC.

The ruins in Bozukkale belong to Kotyora Civilisation founded by Sinop migrants who are descent of Miletos. Besides, it is encountered the ruins which have traces of Persian, Byzantine, Hellenistic, Roman, Seljuk and principalities and the Ottoman civilizations.

A seafaring nation "Phoenicians" in BC 11-12. century made expeditions to the Black Sea in different times and founded marketplaces in there. In that period, when ocean trips had not been discovered yet, this route was very important to transport the goods which came from Europe via Black Sea to Asia. With the help of the development of Miletos and domination over Black Sea, it is estimated that the region still used as a cemetery in the Northwest Ordu is settled in the early 6th century . (Kotyora ) Kotyora in ancient Greek "foothill" also means to a unit of meaning is the name given by the characteristics of the place where the town was founded.

Çepni tribe of Turkmen Day of the Army by Bey's son, Haji Amir Bey founded in Mesudiye land "Hacıemiroğul Principality" in In 1381, Emir Süleyman Bey stroke Ordu from Mesudiye coast under the command succeeded later in Giresun, Ordu and take the Greeks had entered the Turkish domination . That reign in the military principality Mehmet Celebi and Lightning timely Beyazit Although the Ottomans stereotyped Yildirim Beyazit-Timur war to take in favor of Tamerlane and resulting in Timur's victory, the future of the Turkish Union's disintegration stage and will last 13 years in Anatolia the "Interregnum" in the beginning, "Ankara War" with principalities by Timur mükafatlandırılarak this land again if they verilmiştir. Hacıemiroğul Principality been able to resume its voyage Fatih Trabzon assets between the years of 1344-1461 the Ottoman Empire joined the Army. The Principality Hacıemiroğul for many years as a family lived in the land army .

Geographic Location Ordu takes place between 40-41 degrees north latitudes and 37-38 degrees east meridians. East in Giresun, West ' Samsun , South from Sivas and Tokat , North ' is surrounded by the Black Sea . The area of responsibility of the province is 115 km and the depth is 62 km . Coast is 60 miles long, with small bays and also has a bar where they can easily and beach of sea vehicles. The area of the province is 6001 km2. According to the 1997 census, the overall population is 858 576 provinces, 14.3 persons per square kilometer. South towards the sea flowing Turnasuyu, Meletti river, Akçaova Creek, Ilica Stream, Bolaman River, Screeners stream, Cure Creek, Walnut Creek and Akcay River divides the land into deep valleys.

Natural Values

-Beach Areas; Ordu Province, which is 110 km to the sea shore and natural beaches extend along the coast. Army headquarters Güzelyali beach, Fasılcık beach in Gülyalı, the Efirli on Thursday Beach, Ages, Cape Yason and the surrounding beaches, Kireççi in Fatsa Cape Beach, Ünye the long and Cure Creek Beach province is one of the important and prominent beach.

-Plateaus; Çambaşı Plateau, Mesudiye Keyfalan Plateau, Aybastı Thursday Plateau, Akkus Ark Plateau, Plateau and Gölköy Aydogan Tepe, Green Topçam of Highland, which is quite convenient in terms of tourism. However, the lack of adequate facilities in terms of accommodation and catering, transportation and promotion of the city's problems is one reason could be a breakthrough in the field of tourism.

- Recreational Areas; On behalf of the folk songs sung Boztepe is most important promenade. Boztepe attracting attention in recent years with paragliding has a dominant position with breathtaking views of the Black Sea. However, the lack of adequate publicity and facilities , having climbed to the summit of the home construction disrupts the natural texture of the area. Boztepe steep and that 's the way substandard , no checkpoints , especially at night gives the fatal traffic accident occurred . After a certain time of Boztepe to demand not only in terms of security but is concentrated in certain hours of the day and in certain seasons .

-Rivers; Meletti River in the Ordu, Crane Water and Civil Creek, Age Stream in Caka, Bolaman Brook in Bolaman are the outstanding rivers, to be used for tourism purposes of these rivers is not any investment or promotional concerned.